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Broken Garage Door Spring: PROFESSIONAL and Reliable SPRING Repair Services

At 225 Garage Door Repair, we take immense pride in offering exceptional garage door spring replacement. With our team of highly skilled technicians, we ensure that your garage door operates seamlessly, restoring both functionality and safety to your home. Our commitment to best practices sets us apart from the competition, guaranteeing that you receive the highest quality service available.

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Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

Replacing Both garage door Springs

If your garage door is a two-way system, both the springs balance your garage door when functioning. If either one of them breaks, replace them both to avoid elevating your garage door unevenly and make the door go off track.

Using The Right garage door Springs

Since your garage door springs are the supports of your garage door, they are exposed in extreme tension. This high tension could make your garage door springs broken. At 225 Garage Door Repair, we provide high-quality springs that can last at least 10,000 cycles.

Safety garage door

To ensure a secured and safe garage door spring replacement, our team conducts a thorough examination to check the other components of your garage door for any indication of damage.

What Not To Do After Your Garage Door Springs Break: avoiding costly mistakes

Experiencing a broken garage door spring can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous. However, it’s crucial to avoid certain actions that could further exacerbate the situation. Here, we outline some common mistakes that homeowners make after their garage door springs break. By steering clear of these pitfalls, you can prevent additional damage and ensure a smoother repair process.

Signs That Your Garage Door spring May Need to Be Repaired Or Replaced: red flags

Difficulty In Lifting The Garage Door Manually

Usually, garage doors must not be heavier when lifting. However, if it becomes more severe than expected, it indicates that your garage door springs are weak and on the verge of failing.

Your Garage Door Cables Become Unwound

If you observe that your garage door cables are loose, it might be caused by a broken garage door spring. If it does, call your trusted garage door repairman to fix your loose wires.

The Garage Door Will Not Open

If you observe that your garage door is lifting a few feet and then crashing down, it most likely means that an injured garage door spring or broken garage door spring is causing the problem.

Broken Garage Door Springs

If your garage door springs break in half, a simple garage door spring repair cannot fix the issue. In this case, it’s best if you call an expert for a garage door spring replacement.

Fix Garage Door Spring: Restoring Functionality and Safety

When your garage door spring requires fixing, relying on professional expertise is crucial. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in repairing garage door springs, employing proven techniques to restore functionality and safety to your garage door system. You can count on us to deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations. A snapped garage door spring poses significant risks and demands immediate attention. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, our team is ready to provide urgent replacement solutions. We understand the urgency of the matter and strive to respond promptly to ensure your garage door is back up and running as soon as possible.

Garage Door Spring Cost: Exploring Affordable Solutions for Your Repair Needs

Understanding the cost factors associated with garage door spring repair can help you make an informed decision. While pricing may vary depending on various factors, such as the type of spring and the extent of the damage, our team strives to offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. We provide transparent pricing, ensuring that you receive value for your investment.

Types of garage door springs


If you have an old garage door, you have garage door extension springs that are installed on each side. When the garage door opens or closes, the garage door extension springs balance your garage door with a smooth and correct movement.

extension garage door springs

The garage door torsion springs are now the trend for most garage door owners. They are located at the top of the garage door. If your garage door is not too heavy, a single garage door torsion spring is enough. However, for a broader and heavier type of garage door, you will need two garage door torsion springs.

torsion garage door springs


225 Garage Door LLC provides comprehensive services for garage door spring repair, including safety inspections, using high-quality, long-lasting springs, and a thorough assessment of your garage door system by certified technicians. They ensure fast and efficient service to restore the functionality and safety of your garage door.
In a two-way garage door system, both springs balance the door. If one breaks, it’s crucial to replace both to prevent the door from being lifted unevenly, which could lead to the door going off track.
Indicators include difficulty in lifting the garage door manually, unwound garage door cables, broken garage door springs, and the garage door not opening properly. These signs suggest that the garage door springs might be weak or broken.

225 Garage Door LLC offers two types of springs: Garage Door Extension Springs, typically used in older garage doors and installed on each side, and Garage Door Torsion Springs, which are more common in newer models and located at the top of the garage door.

Avoid trying to fix or replace broken garage door springs yourself, as it can be extremely dangerous and lead to accidents or injuries. It’s best to contact certified garage door technicians for safe and accurate repair.
The company employs skilled technicians with extensive experience in repairing garage door springs, using proven techniques and advanced equipment. They commit to best practices, ensuring high-quality service and customer satisfaction.
The cost varies depending on factors like the type of spring and the extent of damage. 225 Garage Door LLC offers competitive rates and transparent pricing, ensuring value for your investment.
Typically, torsion springs last between 15,000 to 20,000 cycles, and extension springs up to 10,000 cycles. This means if you use your garage door about four times a day, the springs might last approximately 7-12 years. However, the actual lifespan can vary based on spring quality, maintenance, usage frequency, and environmental conditions. Regular maintenance and investing in high-quality springs can extend their lifespan.

At 225 Garage Door LLC, our garage door spring repair process starts with a safety inspection and comprehensive assessment of the springs and door mechanism. Our certified technicians then remove the old springs and install high-quality replacements, ensuring proper fit and tension. The door is balanced and tested for smooth operation, concluding with a final safety check. We aim for fast, efficient service, focusing on safety and quality to ensure your garage door is back to optimal functionality as quickly as possible.

Extreme temperatures, humidity, and salt can accelerate corrosion and weaken the metal, reducing the lifespan of garage door springs. Regular maintenance can mitigate these effects and prolong their functionality.
Yes, you can upgrade to high-cycle springs or opt for springs made from more durable materials for better performance and longer life. Consult with a professional to understand the best options for your specific door.
Unbalanced doors put uneven stress on springs, leading to premature wear. Signs include uneven lifting, strange noises, or the door falling closed. Regular balancing checks are crucial.
Noises may indicate loose hardware, lack of lubrication, or wear. It’s best to conduct a safety inspection and lubricate the springs. If the noise persists, consult a professional.
Heavier and larger doors require springs with higher tension capacity. Using the correct springs ensures balanced lifting and longevity. Always match the spring to the door’s weight.
Old springs should be handled by professionals due to their tension. They can often be recycled at metal recycling centers. Never attempt to cut or release the tension yourself.
Professional inspections are recommended at least once a year or more frequently with heavy usage. Regular checks can identify wear or potential issues early.
Mismatched springs can cause uneven lifting, increased wear, and potential door damage or failure. Always use the correct, matching springs for both safety and performance.

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