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garage door opener repair & INSTALLATION

At 225 Garage Door Repair, we specialize in ensuring your garage door operates seamlessly with our expert garage door opener repair and installation services. Our skilled technicians are ready to address any issue, from simple repairs to complete garage door opener replacement. We offer a variety of top-brand options, including advanced smart garage door openers, to enhance the convenience and security of your home. Whether you need a quick fix or a new installation, our team provides quick, reliable service to ensure your garage door opener works smoothly and efficiently. Trust us to deliver quality and satisfaction for all your garage door needs.


As we work with well-known brands such as Liftmaster, rest assured that we’ll use high-quality material. Aside from repair service, we also have garage door installation. We can replace your old units with a new door opener for the newly built garage.
Our certified repairman offers same-day service on all days of the week. We also provide a warranty on labor and parts.

types of garage door openers:

belt drive opener

Belt Drive 8550W Opener

This type of opener is more expensive than a chain drive. However, the difference between the two is that the belt drive uses rubber instead of a chain.
One advantage of a belt-driven over a chain-driven opener is that belt drive uses a rubber that lessens the irritating sound of a garage door when functioning.

chain drive opener

Chain Drive 8365W 267

The chain-driven opener is a standard chain that most property owners use in their garage doors. Instead of a belt, chain-drive openers use a metal chain. 
One advantage of this type of opener is its affordability and sturdiness compared to other openers.

wall mount opener

Wall Mount 8500W Opener

A wall mount garage opener is the most unique among the first two openers. The wall mount garage door opener or the jackshaft door opener has the slightest chance of becoming faulty even after a few years of usage.
Aside from being unique, the jackshaft door opener can be used in most residential and commercial high lift garage doors.

Garage door opener repair VS Garage door opener installation

GARAGE DOOR opener repair

garage door opener logic board 225 garage door colorado
When a garage door opener becomes faulty, it could be a fault circuit, a loose chain,  a missing sensor, or a damaged remote. However, these issues would only need a simple repair and not a new installation.
If you notice that your opener doesn’t have sounds or lights, you may have an imperfect circuit.

If the chains of your opener become loose, you won’t be able to close or open the garage door. A saggy chain is one of the most common garage door problems but can be easily fixed by a professional garage door technician.

Gears and sprockets help the drive and chain of the opener to move the door up and down. If these two break, your opener will become faulty, and you won’t operate your garage door correctly.
The sensor’s job is to prevent the door from shutting down. It’s a safety feature to prevent injuries. However, if you lack or have a damaged sensor, it could cause accidents.

A non-functional remote or wall unit has a simple solution. If you haven’t changed the batteries of your opener, try to change it first. If it works, it’s good for you, but if it doesn’t, the problem might be severe. In this case, you should call a garage door professional company to repair the problem right away.

GARAGE DOOR opener installation

Garage Door Opener 225 Garage Door LLC

If your garage door opener has an irreparable issue, you need to consider installing a new one. Check below the reasons why you need a new garage door opener.

As garage door openers age, finding replacement parts becomes challenging. When parts are no longer available, opting for a new garage door opener installation ensures reliability and access to current technology.

Installing a new garage door opener with advanced safety sensors can significantly enhance your home’s value and safety. It’s a smart upgrade, particularly if you’re planning to sell your home.

Modernize your garage experience with an opener that includes Wi-Fi, battery backup, and camera security. Upgrading is a convenient way to access the latest features and improve overall functionality.
Modern openers are more energy-efficient, reducing electricity costs and providing a greener solution for your home.
New models operate more quietly than older units, offering a smoother and less disruptive operation, ideal for attached garages.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

  • Opening and Closing Seems Unusual
    One reason that could make your garage door go wrong is the opener. Check first if your garage door opener is in good condition. If not, the sensors and the close limit switch need realignment and adjusting.
  • Grinding Noises
    A garage door must not produce any noise when operating. However, if it does, you might have broken gear. If that’s the case, call a garage door repair service to eliminate the noisy sounds and replace your broken gears. In this way, you can adequately use your garage door again.
  • The Remote Keypad or Control of the Garage Door Opener is not responding.
    One way to solve this kind of issue is to replace your garage door keypad or garage door remote’s battery. Assuming it didn’t work, your garage door won’t open. In this case, you can also try to reprogram the opener and enter the password you use in opening or closing the door.
  • Opener Reversing Feature Doesn’t Work.
    Your garage door is built with an opener reversing feature. It’s a safety characteristic of your garage door that prevents injuries to your pet or kid. However, it is a safety concern if your reversing feature doesn’t work. Call a certified garage door maintenance specialist for a safety check.
  • Emergency Release is Pulled Down
    The garage door emergency release cord is used when you can’t open your garage door automatically. If you unintentionally pulled it down, your opener will be disengaged and you won’t be able to properly open your garage door.


Indicators include frequent malfunctions, excessive noise, slow movement, lack of modern safety features, or if the opener is beyond its typical lifespan.

Consider factors like door weight, size, noise level preference, and desired features such as smart home connectivity or battery backup. Consulting with a professional can help determine the best fit for your specific needs.
Belt drive openers are known for quiet operation, chain drives are durable and cost-effective, and wall mount (jackshaft) openers save ceiling space and are ideal for specific door types, such as high-lift or cathedral ceilings.
While some may attempt DIY installations, professional installation ensures safety, proper setup, and warranty validation. Professionals have the necessary tools and expertise to handle the installation efficiently.
Look for features like auto-reverse, motion detection, manual release, and rolling code technology. These features enhance the safety of the door operation, preventing accidents and unauthorized access.
A typical installation takes a few hours, but this can vary based on the complexity of the system and setup. A professional can provide a more accurate time estimate based on your specific situation.
Regular maintenance includes checking for loose components, lubricating moving parts, testing safety features, and ensuring the door is properly balanced. Periodic professional inspections are also recommended.
Yes, smart openers allow you to control and monitor your garage door remotely, receive alerts, and integrate with other home security features. They offer convenience, improved security, and the ability to check the door status from anywhere.
Warranties vary by manufacturer and installer but generally cover the motor, parts, and labor for a certain period. Always ask for detailed warranty information before proceeding with the installation.
Look for openers with low standby power consumption, LED lighting, and battery backup features. Some models are specifically designed for improved energy efficiency, reducing overall power usage.
When selecting a modern garage door opener, consider advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows remote control through a mobile app. App control adds convenience, and compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant offers hands-free operation. These technological advancements not only enhance convenience but also improve the overall security of your garage.
The choice of garage door opener horsepower is critical. It should match the size and weight of your garage door for optimal performance. A properly matched horsepower ensures efficient and long-lasting operation without straining the motor, enhancing both the opener’s efficiency and its longevity.
Retrofitting your existing garage door with a new opener is often possible, provided it is compatible with the door’s design and size. However, if your door is significantly damaged or outdated, it might be more practical to consider replacing both the door and the opener for a comprehensive upgrade.
Noise levels in garage door openers vary. Belt drive openers are quieter compared to chain drive openers. If minimizing noise is a priority, look for openers labeled as “quiet” or “ultra-quiet.” These models typically use rubber belts instead of metal chains, resulting in quieter operation, which is especially beneficial if you have living spaces near or above the garage.


If you’re in need of a garage door opener repair or installation, look no further than 225 Garage Door Repair. We’re experts in all things related to garage doors and openers, and we’re here to help you get your door back up and running as quickly as possible!

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