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garage door installation services

A high-quality garage door is long-lived. As it ages, though, you will notice that it’s not as efficient and good-looking as when it was new.

Old garage doors require more frequent repairs. This could significantly escalate your maintenance fees. 

If your door is becoming more and more high-maintenance, then it’s more practical to install a new one.

Other situations that prompt you for a new garage door installation are:

  • You want to boost your curb appeal and property value.
  • Your garage door is no longer reliable and repairable.
  • You desire to upgrade to an insulated garage door.
  • Your garage door panels are extensively damaged.
  • You have a discontinued garage door, so replacement parts are unavailable.

225 Garage Door Repair offer exactly what you need and more. We have garage door installation specialists who can properly install your new door for you.

We possess professional-grade tools and equipment to efficiently perform every step of the installation process.

We always start the task by carefully taking measurements of your garage door. This allows us to find the right garage door size for the replacement.

garage door

Following that, our technicians will show you samples of different garage door styles, colors, materials, and add-ons. You only have to choose, and we’ll handle the provision and installation. 

Don’t hesitate to call us about the price of our new garage door installation. We are always transparent in our pricing anyway. 

If you need an expert team of garage door technicians to replace your garage door, then you’ve come to the right place. At 225 Garage Door Repair will safely remove your old door and install the new one.

We’ll also change your worn tracks, springs, cables, rollers, and other hardware. Thus, you’ll end up with a totally brand-new garage door.

top garage door brands

the types of garage doors we work with

225 Garage Door Repair offer top-of-the-line garage door brands such as Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton. We work with them because we want our clients to receive high-quality garage doors. While they manufacture the garage doors, we handle the proper and safe installation. Our technicians masterfully install steel and glass garage doors. Of the two materials, steel doors are more in demand..

Steel garage doors have 4 principal benefits that influence garage owners:

  • Durability – Garage doors made of steel are practically unbreakable. They don’t easily succumb to distortions, dents, and cracks.
  • Low maintenance – It’s not likely for steel garage doors to require frequent repairs and maintenance. They usually just need cleaning when they’re getting dirty, and they can go on for a long time.
  • Energy-saving – Installing a fully insulated steel garage door is the way to go to achieve energy efficiency. That’s because they regulate the temperature inside your garage, so you feel comfortable no matter the weather.
  • Noise-dampening – The insulation on steel garage doors has the capability to minimize outside noise. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, then an insulated steel garage door is perfect for you.
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Styles of garage doors

garage doors

At 225 Garage Door Repair, we offer various garage door styles that can harmonize with your home’s exterior.

  • Traditional garage doors – traditional garage doors offer timeless and classic aesthetics. You can easily distinguish them due to their customizable panels. 
  • Carriage-house doors – if you fancy the era of carriage homes, you’ll be happy to know that carriage garage doors exist. And they remain a popular garage door style up to now for Tudor, Farmhouse, and Craftsman houses.
  • Contemporary garage doors – A modern home needs a matching modern garage door. The defined lines and timeless functionality of this type of door make it perfect for such homes.

You should choose wisely among these styles to effectively improve your house’s curb appeal. You can also install decorative add-ons like windows, strap hinges, clavos, and handles to your garage door panel. 

what is insulation in garage doors?

Garage door insulation is an added protection for your garage space. It consists of layers of foam that regulate heat coming in or out of your garage. Uninsulated garage doors only provide you with a shield against strong winds, rain, and hailstone. But insulated garage doors can also keep you protected against harsh temperatures.

The insulation, which is composed of air bubbles, prevents undesirable heat exchanges. Thus, your garage space won’t get as hot or cold as the outside temperature. Because of this, you don’t have to overuse your HVAC unit. Consequently, you can save on your electricity costs.

Are you thinking of upgrading to an insulated garage door? Here’s what you need to understand first before installing one:

Not all insulated garage doors offer the same level of insulation. They differ in R-value, which is the thermal efficiency of the garage door. In other words, R-value is how good your door is at preventing heat from escaping or entering.  Insulated garage doors with high R-values provide more insulation. Ideally, you get at least an R-11 insulated garage door. R-14 to R-16 insulation is ideal if you live in places with extreme summers and winters.

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We understand that your garage door is a vital part of your home, and we want to help you make sure it is functioning properly. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to ensure that your new garage door opener is installed correctly and efficiently. Call now!
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