garage door cable repair

Garage door cable is one of the most important garage door parts. One small issue on it can disrupt the whole system. So, it is important to schedule a regular inspection and maintenance.

Moreover, partnering with the best team will make things convenient and easier. Replacing those broken parts can improve how the cables work.

garage door cable
garage door cable


Broken garage door cables can cause delay and inconvenience. Furthermore, it is safer to have a regular inspection to know what the problem is and solve it. Of course, teaming up with a reliable technician will change how your garage cable works.

We offer high-quality garage door cable services that can help in fixing the cables. Also, we have various cables to choose from depending on the type and model you have.

We have same-day and weekend services to accommodate emergencies and late night issues. For other issues, we have labor and part warranties that can guarantee a reliable result.

signs that you need to replace your cables

Garage door cables will never escape from part issues and accidents. As an owner, it is our job to keep it working without causing trouble. Also, we have to take action whenever we see subtle changes in how it works.

Here are some signs that can help us in deciding whether to replace or just repair the broken part.

Old Cables

With constant use, garage door cables will fail to live to our expectations. It is important to know how long it can function without causing delay to the whole garage door system. Consider replacing the cables if it exceeds its years of use.

Rust on the Metal Cables

Rust, wear and tear on the metal cables indicate that it needs immediate action. Leaving these visual issues might cause serious damages on the cables. So, replace those cables and lubricate these parts to avoid such issues.

Jammed or Snapped Cables

Jammed or snapped cables happen when the springs lose their hold on the cable itself. Thus, fall-out scenarios are dangerous to both the property and human life. Let a certified technician do the replacement.

what are safety cables?

A safety cable serves as a preventive measure in avoiding fall-out scenarios. Yet, these cables only exist at the extension spring garage door system. These cables happen to transfer all forces directed on the springs towards the door.

Moreover, it also helps in handling the door whenever power outages happen. With this, we can say that it is also one of the most essential parts of a garage door system. So, scheduling a regular inspection and maintenance can improve how our cables work.

Garage door cables

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